Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners 2023

best acoustic guitar

  Finding the best acoustic guitar for beginners can seem a bit daunting… You are just starting out and want to buy an acoustic guitar right for you! We have reviewed the best acoustic guitar for beginners in this article to save you the time of researching and learning which ones to buy. They start … Read more

Best Digital Piano Reviews 2023

best digital piano

  There are many advantages of owning a digital piano, but which one is best? This post breaks down the 10 best digital pianos, starting from entry level ones and ending with more advanced ones, that still sit under a £1000. There are more expensive digital pianos out there than the most expensive one on … Read more

Best Electric Guitar for Beginners 2023

best electric guitar

  Looking for the Best Electric Guitar for Beginners? Finding one can be a daunting prospect if you are just starting out. We have chosen and reviewed our personal Top 10 – they are in order of cheapest to most expensive. Prices range from about £130 up to £1500 to cover all budgets!     … Read more

Where can you store a piano?

Learning to play the piano quicky

Do you own a piano and are in the process of moving house and storing furniture? Have you recently inherited a piano and need to keep it somewhere safe until you have made room for it? Is it just in the way and although you don’t play, you would like to know how to store … Read more

Are Guitar Lessons Worth it & How much do they cost?

Whether you have picked up a guitar for the first time or have been strumming away for years, there is always a tutor out there willing to teach you how to learn and improve. Hourly rates depend on several factors, your location and the tutor you choose, how qualified and in demand they are. Do … Read more

Are Guitars Allowed on Planes?

A 30-second google search tells you that the answer to this is yes, of course they are. Whereabouts on the ‘plane they go is an entirely different matter. If your acoustic guitar is your pride and joy, your baby, or was just very expensive, you certainly do not want a baggage handler, who might be … Read more

Do I Need To Be Able To Read Music To Play Piano

Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano Review

For many people the first thing the ask when faced with a set of piano keys is ‘do I need to read music to play piano?’ The short answer is no, you don’t. This will probably come as a relief to most people,     There are a large number of ways that you can … Read more

Should I Learn Violin Or Cello?

Playing a violin is hard

If you’re faced with the decision ‘should I learn violin or cello?’ it can be a tough one to make… Both instruments are beautiful in their own ways and have pros and cons to choosing one over the other. Of course you don’t want to make the wrong decision and spend the next few years … Read more

Best Musical Instrument for Autistic Child

The Ukulele is a good instrument for children with autism

As a person with no children, but a friend of someone with an autistic child, I was thinking it would be cool to research and write about the best musical instrument for a child with autism. Playing a musical instrument frees the mind, provides a distraction from daily life and enables you to be creative … Read more

What Guitar Accessories Do You Need

guitar case

Buying a guitar is just the beginning! There are guitar accessories that you may need to go with that new purchase:   Guitar Tuner   Your guitar may have a built in tuner. If not a good tuner is one of the most important things you can invest in. Even though it might not seem … Read more