Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners 2023

best acoustic guitar


Finding the best acoustic guitar for beginners can seem a bit daunting…

You are just starting out and want to buy an acoustic guitar right for you!

We have reviewed the best acoustic guitar for beginners in this article to save you the time of researching and learning which ones to buy.

They start from the cheaper ones up to more expensive models:


Martin Smith W-100 Acoustic Guitar

Martin Smith W-100 Review


The Martin Smith W-100 is a low budget acoustic guitar. It may be a low price however this guitar not only looks good but sounds great too.

Designed with students in mind and aims to give them a great guitar experience.

It is a full size guitar with the body constructed from Agathis wood and has a nice looking Spruce top with an attractive looking natural finish.

The neck is Maple with a solid Rosewood fingerboard and 22 frets. The Maple neck is very comfortable to play, however as there is no cutaway some may find it difficult to access the upper frets.


Martin Smith W-100 review


The guitar sounds quite good with a warm mellow sound compared to a cheap tinny sound that you can get from other cheap guitars.

Generally the build quality is good if not amazing, but for the low price, it is expected. A very good starter/budget guitar especially if you are unsure you are going to stick with guitar playing. If you do enjoy your guitar playing you can always upgrade to a more expensive model.

A great starter acoustic guitar for beginners or students, its shape and lightweight allow the player to feel comfortable whilst playing, thus minimising strenuous activities with little hassle.


Pros – Great starter acoustic guitar and very good value for quite a low cost. Especially when compared to other low budget guitars

Cons – None really, however accept the fact that it is a low budget guitar.


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Lindo Apprentice Series Acoustic Guitar 


Lindo Apprentice Guitar Review


This is a great guitar for players who are seeking play-ability and an affordable instrument. It has the qualities and classic details of a typical Lindo guitar, created especially for beginners and intermediate level players.

Brilliant low action and well made cutaway body, this allows for a much easier access to the high frets.

The body and top of the guitar are made of Linden, the top Mahogany, crafted especially to create warm subtle, low tones and punchy bright highs.


Lindo Apprentice Review


The fingerboard is made of Rosewood and the neck is made of Catalpa. The machine heads are made of chrome, easy to use and allow for the perfect tuning.

Simple and decorative, these machine heads not only ensure the guitar holds a perfect tune but finishes the design off with added detail. The C- shaped neck allows of finger-style and strumming.

Even though the body of the guitar is slightly smaller when compared to the full sized guitars from the same brand, this guitar produces good sound. As well as the fine precision of the top end frequencies, the warm bottom end and rich mid tones will satisfy the most demanding of guitarists.


Pros – A very affordable and well built guitar that will last the player a long time.

Cons – None really. Remember this is considered a beginners/intermediate guitar.


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 Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar



The Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar is a popular and inexpensive option. If you are looking for an acoustic guitar for a beginner or someone who just plays as a hobby, it’s quite a good choice.

This is a full size guitar with 20 frets, is made of Mahogany, with a laminated Spruce top and Rosewood fret board.

Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar review


The guitar may be a little bulkier than some entry level options, however it is made of quality wood which means it can still produce a good tone; something that can’t be said about many other low price options out there. This guitar holds up well over time, if it doesn’t get beat up too much. So it is very popular for an entry-level Japanese style acoustic.

The neck is slender and very comfortable to grip and because it’s not too wide, it’s a great choice for younger players with smaller hands. Additionally the strings on the guitar don’t have tons of action – making it easy for anyone new to guitar playing to correctly finger chords as they build up finger strength.

So if you want something to give as a present to your children and not care if they eventually destroy it, or if you just need an affordable guitar to practice or use away from home, this guitar is ideal.


Pros – Great slender neck for smaller hands and play-ability.

Cons – A little bulkier than some entry level guitar options.


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Epiphone EJ200SCE Acoustic Guitar 

Epiphone EJ200SCE Acoustic Guitar review


This Epiphone guitar is the company’s version of the classic Gibson J-200 known as the “King of Flat Tops”, a guitar that has graced stages across the world, in the hands of musical legends, including Elvis.

This guitar features a jumbo Maple body and a solid Spruce top, a very stylish moustache bridge, gold hardware, crown inlays on the fretboard and a huge sound which is easily amplified by eSonic2 preamp, with built in tuner and NanoFlex/NanoMag pickups.


Epiphone EJ200SCE Acoustic Guitar review


The striking cutaway  provides you better fret access, combines with the slim Maple neck which helps give you a smoother ride up and down the Rosewood fingerboard. The fingerboard has vintage style pearloid crown inlays, with iconic Sloped Dovewing Epiphone headstock and premium die-cast gold tuners.

A tortoise-style pick guard with a unique Dandelion art pattern helps this iconic looking guitar. Due to its construction and combination of tonewoods this guitar provides you with a solid yet balanced tone that lets rhythm guitarists and songwriters feel like they are being backed by a band even when they are playing on their own.

The rich and complex tones will truly inspire musicians everywhere over and over again. Unplugged it is a great guitar, however plug it in and you will realises its true potential, giving you incredible flexibility and opportunities to create the perfect acoustic sound live.

Pros – A great iconic looking guitar, with wonderful sound.

Cons – None really. However you will need an amplifier to realise its full potential.


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Lindo Slim SE Electro Acoustic Guitar 

Lindo Slim SE Electro Acoustic Guitar review


A great looking guitar, with a modern cutaway body shape for good player comfort and style. The back and sides a wonderful Zebrawood, which offers a full all round sound but projects the mid-range prominently. This wood, with its quarter-sawn grain, gives a very striking three-dimensional appearance.

The top is also quarter-sawn figured Ash which is unique and works to compliment the Zebrawood and adding its own element of “air” to the lovely sound. The use of a Mahogany neck and black Walnut fretboard mellows the sound and adds warmth to the mid-range which means it’s the perfect coupling with the body. This guitar has slim body with a depth of just 75mm, making the guitar perfect for gigging and touring.


Lindo Slim SE Electro Acoustic Guitar review


It comes with a preamp with piezo/mic blend system; this gives you the option to blend the sound from the under-saddle pickup with the sound from the microphone in the body. Perfect for a slim body as the mic enhances all the low-end warmth, whilst you can retain the clarity of notes from the piezo.

The built in tuner is chromatic and is displayed on a backlit LCD with LED indicators, so as well as being able to easily shape your sound, you can check the guitars tuning wherever you are and in any lighting conditions. It has a dual output using either a jack lead or balanced XLR for plugging into an amplifier, mixing desks or an audio interface.

A great very different looking guitar, quality build throughout and sound.

Pros – A lovely looking guitar, perfect for gigging or travelling.

Cons – None – Just remember this is a slim bodied guitar


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Luna Vista Mustang Acoustic Guitar

Luna Vista Mustang Acoustic Guitar review

This guitar depicts wild horses galloping across a moonlit desert plain. Let your natural tendencies run wild on this wonderful Vista series guitar. Luna Guitars’ new Vista series continues a tradition of beautiful, innovative design, with meaning.

Your audience will find their imaginations sparked by the vibrant colours and textures in the special exotic wood veneers of each model. Best of all, the natural variations in these wood grains and colour will make every guitar unique among its fellows.

The body is grand auditorium, back and sides Rosewood, neck Mahogany and the top a combination of Zebrawood, Padauk, bird’s eye Maple, Koa and flame Maple. The overall finish is an excellent gloss that will help protect all those exotic woods used in the top.

Luna Vista Mustang Acoustic Guitar review


At this price, this is a lot of guitar and the first thing that will strike everyone is the colourful eye catching designed top and moon phase fret markers. Great guitar for the everyday player that requires a good tone; it has an on board preamp and tuner, overall offering bright and precise mid tones and harmonic spectrum. It is a very comfortable play decently built using wonderful tone woods and full featured, including quite a thin neck that makes up and down movement on the fret board very easy. A great quality instrument with unique looks and sounds like you want a guitar to sound, really fun to play especially when jamming or practicing.

Pros – Beautiful looking and fun to play.

Cons – Not everybody will like its unique design looks.


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Washburn WCG55CE  Acoustic Guitar 

Washburn WCG55CE  Acoustic Guitar review


This great guitar aims to combine the ultimate ergonomics and ultimate tone in one guitar. Very comfortable contoured neck in satin finish, belly carve and front bevel offer a whole new level of playability, It is a grand auditorium guitar with a single-cut body, Mahogany/Maple binding, Maple back stripe, 14th fret dovetail neck joint and Fishman electronics. Quality bracing using quarter sawn scalloped Sitka Spruce bracing. Rosewood fretboard with 21 frets.

The wonderful construction features a Koa body (back sides and top), Mahogany neck with a 2-way truss rod, 21 fret Ebony fingerboard with side dot markers. Also features an Ebony bridge, Fishman 501T Presys and tuner/preamp system and die cast tuners. The Koa headstock features a pearl inlaid Washburn logo and a stylised W was well as black Grover tuners with Ebonite buttons. The lovely rosette is made of alternating Maple and Mahogany.

Washburn WCG55CE  Acoustic Guitar review


This guitar is a fantastic sounding acoustic in its own right but the addition of premium Fishman electronics makes for an outstanding stage performance guitar that is a joy to play.

Great construction, using quality tonewoods; whether you are plugged in or not you will really enjoy the warm tones from this good looking guitar. A high quality built guitar and a great choice for any intermediate or serious guitarist that will always want to keep this particular instrument.

Pros – A guitar of understated pure elegance

Cons – None


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Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird Guitar 

Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird Guitar review


This is an iconic Gibson guitar. This guitar has an air of greatness about it. All solid wood, with Sitka Spruce top, solid Mahogany back and sides, Rosewood bridge and fingerboard and comes in a Vintage Cherry Sunburst finish. With gold Gotoh tuners and comes complete with a lovely Gibson hardshell case.

The best part of the guitars sound is it evenness, the bass and treble frequencies are perfect equals, with very impressive clarity in all areas. No matter what region of the fretboard or what harmonic choice, the individual notes of chords are very easy to discern. Well-known guitarists have used a Hummingbird, including Keith Richards and many more.

The wonderful craftsmanship on this guitar is impeccable. The gloss lacquer finish on the neck and body, the binding and inlay work are clean and flush. Take a look inside the body and you will find the bracing and kerfing to have been sanded and glued to perfection.

Gibson Acoustic Hummingbird Guitar review


Every guitar leaves the factory with aging treatments, the metal parts are oxidised, the neck and body binding are yellowed and the finish slightly dulled. Not everyone’s taste however it looks a beautiful aged vintage guitar.

Just pick it up and play – as so many have said “this is a fantastic guitar and one of the best instruments I’ve ever played – a sheer joy”. When you own one you will seldom want to change.

Pros – Wonderful guitar, with great levels of tone and playability.

Cons – None – Just remember it comes aged at the factory.


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