Best Musical Instrument for Autistic Child

The Ukulele is a good instrument for children with autism

As a person with no children, but a friend of someone with an autistic child, I was thinking it would be cool to research and write about the best musical instrument for a child with autism. Playing a musical instrument frees the mind, provides a distraction from daily life and enables you to be creative … Read more

Easiest Instrument To Learn

Playing drums - hardest instruments

Learning an instrument is a fantastic way to escape every day life, even for a few minutes and is a sure way to impress your family and friends. But a lot of people have the worry that they won’t be able to learn to play a musical instrument because they didn’t start when they were … Read more

The Best Hans Zimmer Music Compilations

hans zimmer

Hans Zimmer is one of my favourite film music composers. I first discovered him because of Christopher Nolan – I loved Batman Begins (and the Dark Knight even more) and have watched many films where Zimmer was the composer. He is probably the most underrated of film composers as I believe he can create very … Read more

Hardest Instrument To Learn (Top 5 and WHY)

Oboe - Hardest instrument to learn

There is a lot of speculation and disagreeing between musicians about the hardest instrument to learn… So much so that there really isn’t a solid one answer to which is the hardest. Each different musical instrument family has unique characteristics that makes instruments from that category difficult to play. Some instruments are also extremely hard … Read more