Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners 2021

best acoustic guitar

  Finding the best acoustic guitar for beginners can seem a bit daunting… You are just starting out and want to buy an acoustic guitar right for you! We have reviewed the best acoustic guitar for beginners in this article to save you the time of researching and learning which ones to buy. They start … Read more

Best Electric Guitar for Beginners 2021

best electric guitar

  Looking for the Best Electric Guitar for Beginners? Finding one can be a daunting prospect if you are just starting out. We have chosen and reviewed our personal Top 10 – they are in order of cheapest to most expensive. Prices range from about £130 up to £1500 to cover all budgets!     … Read more

Are Guitar Lessons Worth it & How much do they cost?

Whether you have picked up a guitar for the first time or have been strumming away for years, there is always a tutor out there willing to teach you how to learn and improve. Hourly rates depend on several factors, your location and the tutor you choose, how qualified and in demand they are. Do … Read more

Are Guitars Allowed on Planes?

A 30-second google search tells you that the answer to this is yes, of course they are. Whereabouts on the ‘plane they go is an entirely different matter. If your acoustic guitar is your pride and joy, your baby, or was just very expensive, you certainly do not want a baggage handler, who might be … Read more

What Guitar Accessories Do You Need

guitar case

Buying a guitar is just the beginning! There are guitar accessories that you may need to go with that new purchase:   Guitar Tuner   Your guitar may have a built in tuner. If not a good tuner is one of the most important things you can invest in. Even though it might not seem … Read more

How to Choose a Guitar For Beginners

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When considering your guitar purchase, it’s important to ask yourself what you intend using it for. Do you wish to sound like a heavy metal rocker, or do you prefer old style rock and roll? Perhaps you wonder how Eric Clapton produces that unique distinctive tone; or perhaps you simply enjoy many types of music … Read more

Solid Wood Guitars vs Laminated Wood

solid wood vs laminate wood guitar

A solid wood guitar has typically is made from good quality tonewoods. Simply tonewood is the wood within the guitar’s construction that contributes to its overall tone. In the case of an acoustic, this is largely the guitar body, the top or soundboard and the back and sides. It is within the grains of these … Read more

How do I change a right handed guitar to left handed?

left handed guitar

It is always better to purchase the correct guitar to suit whether you are left or right handed. However is not always possible to buy the guitar you love in a left handed version. In order to basically convert an acoustic guitar a couple of things must be changed. The NUT must be replaced as … Read more

Should I begin with an Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar?

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Many will simply answer this question by saying that an electric is easier to learn on compared with an acoustic. However there are many factors to consider: Always choose the type of guitar you are excited about playing and work within the parameters of your budget. You will find the easiest guitar to learn on … Read more

How much should I spend on a guitar?

how much should I spend on a guitar

Everyone beginning to play or deciding to purchase a new guitar wants to know approx. what sort of money do I have to spend to get a decent guitar? I also realise that it’s not an easy question to answer! When you say decent guitar, I’m not talking silly money top of the range Martins … Read more