Should I Learn Violin Or Cello?

Playing a violin is hard

If you’re faced with the decision ‘should I learn violin or cello?’ it can be a tough one to make… Both instruments are beautiful in their own ways and have pros and cons to choosing one over the other. Of course you don’t want to make the wrong decision and spend the next few years … Read more

How Do Violinists Know Where To Put Their Fingers?

How do violin players know where to put their fingers?

When you see a violinist play, it is often awe inspiring – but the most common question people think is; how do they know where to put their fingers? Learning to play the violin is not easy, it is something that takes time, and violinists know where to place their fingers in the same way … Read more

Does a violin have frets?

does a violin have frets

If you’re wondering; does a violin have frets? You’re in the right place. The short answer is no; violins do not have frets. The longer answer is that way back when early forms of the violin were created and played, they were called viols. (These early violins were heavily used in the baroque period.) Viols, … Read more