How Many Keys Does a Piano Have?

The number of keys on a full sized piano is 88. 

There are a number of different sized pianos and keyboards, but the standard full size is 88. 52 white keys d 36 black keys – Seven octaves plus a minor third, from A0 to C8.


how many keys does a piano have


Why has my keyboard or piano got more or less keys than 88?

Many older pianos will only have 85 keys, (seven octaves). Most piano manufacturers extended the range further in one or both directions.

The other reason your keyboard or piano has less keys is because it is a beginners keyboard, or primarily used for learning or for sound effects. Or, the piano may be a smaller piano, (where a concert piano size is not needed – for example in a school hall.)

What is the highest number of keys on a piano? 

Some manufacturers are creating even larger pianos, Stuarts & Sons offer a 102 key grand piano, and in 2018 are introducing a 9 octave, 108 key grand piano.

What are some other common piano and keyboard sizes?

Smaller keyboards and pianos are popularly manufactured wi