How Much Does a Grand Piano Cost?

A grand piano is a thing of beauty, it immediately catches the eyes of anyone who enters the room and would be a  dream for many people to own one, (even if they can’t play the piano) – but how much does a grand piano cost?

The cost of a grand piano can range from around £1000 (for a digital grand piano), right up to £120,000 and beyond for the finest concert pianos in the world.

For a Yamaha grand piano, the lower end of the price scale is anything form £8000 to £25,000.

For an entry level Bechstein or Bluthner grand piano you may be looking at around £6000 – £10,000

A Steinway piano brand new will cost upwards of £90,000.  A used Steinway can be found for around £20,000.

How much does a steinway grand piano cost?


How big is a grand piano?


A grand piano is between 5’8″ (173cms) – 7’6″ (228cms) in length, and around 5′ (152cms) wide. A full concert grand is around 9′ (288cms). The tail (end opposite from the keyboard, with one leg) is around 3′ wide.

The price you pay for your grand piano is up to you. A grand piano is a huge investment and there are a lot of things to consider when buying a piano, new or second hand. The amount of choices to make when choosing a piano is daunting…


So here are the things you should think about when searching for a piano.


1. The MOST important thing to do when buying a grand piano is to try it before you buy or order it. Each piano has a slightly different feel and sound to it, you need to find one that feels and sounds the best to you.

2. Consider whether you want a tradition full grand piano or a digital grand piano. There a lot of digital pianos on the market, and they cost a lot less than a full grand piano, however they will never quite fill the spotlight in the way a tradition grand piano can.

3. Should you buy new, nearly new or second hand?

– A new grand piano will probably take a long time to be hand crafted but is extremely exciting and well worth the wait.

– A nearly new piano will cost less than a brand new but will probably feel and look brand new – a piano has a long lifespan. (In fact, a 10 year old piano would still be considered as nearly new by the piano trade, as they have a lifespan of 50 – 80 years minimum.

– A secondhand piano is something to consider, be sure to test out the piano to see that it is in full working order. A second hand grand piano of age is not something that comes up everyday, so it might be worth talking to people in the piano trade to see if they hear about anything that comes up for sale.