How to Choose a Guitar For Beginners

guitar for beginners

When considering your guitar purchase, it’s important to ask yourself what you intend using it for. Do you wish to sound like a heavy metal rocker, or do you prefer old style rock and roll? Perhaps you wonder how Eric Clapton produces that unique distinctive tone; or perhaps you simply enjoy many types of music … Read more

Solid Wood Guitars vs Laminated Wood

solid wood vs laminate wood guitar

A solid wood guitar has typically is made from good quality tonewoods. Simply tonewood is the wood within the guitar’s construction that contributes to its overall tone. In the case of an acoustic, this is largely the guitar body, the top or soundboard and the back and sides. It is within the grains of these … Read more

How do I change a right handed guitar to left handed?

left handed guitar

It is always better to purchase the correct guitar to suit whether you are left or right handed. However is not always possible to buy the guitar you love in a left handed version. In order to basically convert an acoustic guitar a couple of things must be changed. The NUT must be replaced as … Read more

What Is The Difference Between a Piano and a Keyboard?

Yamaha P115 Digital Piano - Black by Yamaha

What is the difference between a piano and a keyboard? Why does one cost £1000’s more than the other and how do the insides differ to make them sound different to each other? Essentially a keyboard and a piano are two different musical instruments. They have the same set of black and white keys arranged … Read more

How Do Pianists Play With Both Hands?

how do pianists play with both hands

Watching someone play piano is mesmerising isn’t it? How on earth do they play with both hands at once and whats more, how do they read music for two different hands at once and produce something so brilliant and beautiful? For many people who will have attempted to learnt he play the piano or keyboard … Read more

Easiest Instrument To Learn

Playing drums - hardest instruments

Learning an instrument is a fantastic way to escape every day life, even for a few minutes and is a sure way to impress your family and friends. But a lot of people have the worry that they won’t be able to learn to play a musical instrument because they didn’t start when they were … Read more

How Do Digital Pianos Work?

how do digital pianos work

A piano is a beautiful instrument and one that takes years of playing to get good at. The luxury of owning a real piano is not feasible for many people as a tradition strung piano takes up a LOT of room, is incredibly heavy and requires maintenance and care to keep it in excellent condition … Read more

The Best Hans Zimmer Music Compilations

hans zimmer

Hans Zimmer is one of my favourite film music composers. I first discovered him because of Christopher Nolan – I loved Batman Begins (and the Dark Knight even more) and have watched many films where Zimmer was the composer. He is probably the most underrated of film composers as I believe he can create very … Read more

Is a Piano a String Instrument?

strings inside a piano

This is a somewhat debated question all around the world! Is a Piano a string instrument? Yes and No The Piano does actually have strings. Inside there are strings attributed to every single key on the piano. When you hit a key with your finger, it causes a felt-covered hammer inside the Piano to strike … Read more

How Many Keys Does a Piano Have?

how many keys does a piano have

The number of keys on a full sized piano is 88.  There are a number of different sized pianos and keyboards, but the standard full size is 88. 52 white keys d 36 black keys – Seven octaves plus a minor third, from A0 to C8.     Why has my keyboard or piano got more or … Read more