How Much Does a Grand Piano Cost?

How much does a steinway grand piano cost?

A grand piano is a thing of beauty, it immediately catches the eyes of anyone who enters the room and would be a  dream for many people to own one, (even if they can’t play the piano) – but how much does a grand piano cost? The cost of a grand piano can range from … Read more

How Do Violinists Know Where To Put Their Fingers?

How do violin players know where to put their fingers?

When you see a violinist play, it is often awe inspiring – but the most common question people think is; how do they know where to put their fingers? Learning to play the violin is not easy, it is something that takes time, and violinists know where to place their fingers in the same way … Read more

Should I begin with an Electric Guitar or Acoustic Guitar?

guitar in grass

Many will simply answer this question by saying that an electric is easier to learn on compared with an acoustic. However there are many factors to consider: Always choose the type of guitar you are excited about playing and work within the parameters of your budget. You will find the easiest guitar to learn on … Read more

How much should I spend on a guitar?

how much should I spend on a guitar

Everyone beginning to play or deciding to purchase a new guitar wants to know approx. what sort of money do I have to spend to get a decent guitar? I also realise that it’s not an easy question to answer! When you say decent guitar, I’m not talking silly money top of the range Martins … Read more

Hardest Instrument To Learn (Top 5 and WHY)

Oboe - Hardest instrument to learn

There is a lot of speculation and disagreeing between musicians about the hardest instrument to learn… So much so that there really isn’t a solid one answer to which is the hardest. Each different musical instrument family has unique characteristics that makes instruments from that category difficult to play. Some instruments are also extremely hard … Read more

How long does it take to learn guitar?

How long does it really take to learn to play guitar

What is the first question that most people ask when they see someone playing the guitar or they consider learning themselves? How long does it take to learn to play the guitar? Unfortunately the short answer to that question is, “it depends…” not exactly what you want to hear when you’re hoping to hear a … Read more

Does a violin have frets?

does a violin have frets

If you’re wondering; does a violin have frets? You’re in the right place. The short answer is no; violins do not have frets. The longer answer is that way back when early forms of the violin were created and played, they were called viols. (These early violins were heavily used in the baroque period.) Viols, … Read more