The Best Hans Zimmer Music Compilations

Hans Zimmer is one of my favourite film music composers.

I first discovered him because of Christopher Nolan – I loved Batman Begins (and the Dark Knight even more) and have watched many films where Zimmer was the composer.

He is probably the most underrated of film composers as I believe he can create very unique styles and compositions for each individual film he scores.

I love listening to Hans Zimmer music when I am relaxing or writing. Here are some of my favourite compilations of his work from YouTube:

This compilation is nearly 2 hours long and includes my favourite track by Hanz Zimmer – No Time for Caution from Interstellar


This hour-long compilation is wonderful including music from “lesser known” films that Zimmer composed for – True Romance and The Holiday


The whole Interstellar Deluxe edition soundtrack? Whats not to like here! One of the greatest films ever made and a truly unique and amazing score by Hans Zimmer.


This video is over 3.5 hours long! If you really want to hear the breadth and scope of Zimmers work, this is worth a listen!